Sell Better on Facebook Live

With Nuffnang Live you can automatically capture Facebook comments as sales, process your orders with an integrated payment gateway and seamlessly allow your customers to shop with you.

Who Should Use Nuffnang Live?

Live Sellers

Whether you're an individual or a business owner looking to scale your Live selling, Nuffnang Live Pro will make it a lot more efficient and convenient for you!

Nuffnang Live Pro is Your Solution

If you are a business looking into Live Selling but don't want all the headaches and missteps, Nuffnang Live VIP is here for you.

Nuffnang Live VIP is Your Solution
Benefits of Using Nuffnang Live

Easy Facebook Live Integration

Connect your Facebook account to Nuffnang Live and run your Facebook Live sessions with our management dashboard

Automatically Capture Orders

No more manual screenshots or DMs! Capture your customers’ orders automatically as if they are shopping on an e-commerce site.

Payment Gateway

Get rid of messy online transfers and manage your sales income with a proper payment system.

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